Film Investment Advisor - USA

Matthew Roezen

Matthew Roazen is our Film Investment Advisor (US). Although he was born, raised, and educated as a lawyer in the US, Matt lived for two decades in Moscow and London where as part of his practice he represented Hollywood celebrities and investors around the world. After he returned a few years ago to the US to enjoy the warm weather and Gulf Coast sunsets while papering private equity investment transactions in English and Russian, he started overseeing film investments in both the US and UK and quickly found that film is an attractive and easily explained asset class, especially to FSU investors.

Matt is excited to be working alongside the Warrior team on film projects that cross the pond in both directions, especially when they have a bit of Russian in them. When he isn't up to his elbows in scripts or having a great time with his family, Matt is staying up way too late, or getting up way too early, to try to catch the perfect picture of Jupiter's Great Red Spot on one of his second-hand telescopes.