Antony Meadley

In the year 2000, Antony stumbled across a book called ‘Death Will Have Your Eyes’. He was so inspired by the story and how well it was written that he thought it would make an incredible film. Although, he never made it, this book was what sparked his initial passion for film-making.

Recently, Antony has also been involved with big budget films, contributing his art of cinematography. These include Age of Kill (starring Martin Kemp and Dani Dyer), Two Hours and 13 Graves (starring Kevin Leslie and Morgan James) and Antony’s latest project and one of his most exciting in his career is his work as Director on our TV series about the restoration of a Battle of Britain Hurricane.

Throughout his journey in the film-making industry, Antony constantly finds time to work in various roles (as Producer, Director, DoP and camera op) for short films, documentaries, music videos and concerts.