Warrior Film Promotions delivers exceptionally viable film investments to an eclectic range of clients all over the world. The opportunity to become involved in some of the best Independent British Films is usually reserved for the very well connected within the film industry, Warrior Film Promotions are your segway into this elusive market. We work with highly experienced Directors and Producers with stunning track records in creating movies that boast both critical and commercial success.

We Never Handle Funds

All funds are sent directly to the studio or the S.P.V. attached to the film. All contractual obligations are between the studio and the investor. Warrior Film Promotions never handle funds and are employed in the capacity to market and assist in raising the budget of the film. You can feel safe in the knowledge that your investment sits with an established team of film makers, and that your exit strategy and well being are at the forefront of all involved.

We only represent film studios that can at least tick the following 3 boxes:

  • The studio must be well attached within the film industry and display a wealth of experience
  • All lead actors must have at least LOI’s (Letters of Intent) in place or at best be CONFIRMED
  • There must be a sales agent signed to the film. This is imperative in order to give investors the security to exit the investment. (No Sales equals no profit).


Jeff K Clarke

Managing Director

Claire Lee

Film Investment Advisor – Europe

Steve Wallace

Corporate Investment Consultant

Matthew Roezen

Film Investment Advisor - USA

John Pickard


Corry Raymond


Laura Whittal

Personal Assistant

Antony Meadley


Ever met the most passionate, yet down-to-earth kind of guy? Someone who will literally jump for joy in excitement at a new project, yet only concern himself with others’ wellbeing at the same time? Well, that’s Jeff.

We aren’t allowed to call him the boss, as he insists on us working as a tight team. Our success rate is thanks to Jeff´s work ethic and experience. Always striving to achieve and improve, he is the perfect leader, sharing his wide experience and knowledge gained from his long career in investment property and finance. A few years ago he found his niche in film investment, being able to combine his life passions – film and work.

Now working on their ninth film, Jeff is exceedingly proud of what the team has achieved in such a short time, and is immensely excited to bring many more quality British films to the big screen.

Jeff lives by his mottos of “Take the risk or lose the chance” and “Go big or go home”. While not in the office he spends his time with his ‘Girls’ (partner and dogs) and his kids.

Claire is our Film Investment Advisor – Europe and is now based in our office in the province of Malaga, Spain: perfectly central for European Film Festivals, our ever-growing base of European clients and the lovely sunshine!

She has a 13-year-old daughter, Daisy, and for them a 'girlie night in' involves watching a rom-com, with caramel-covered popcorn and joined by Daisy’s pooch Alfie on the bed!

Claire worked in the insurance industry for almost 10 years but through her love of film she met Jeff .... and the rest, as they say, is history!

For Claire, being able to combine one’s passion with one’s job makes the ‘work’ part a doddle!

Steve joined Warrior Film Promotions as a Consultant to take us up a level. He aims to assist potential investors by sharing his knowledge and experience gained from a business career that spans over forty years.

And the proof really is in the pudding…. His business history includes the formation and management of a successful house building company in the UK, the formation and management of Franchise companies in the UK and Spain, and a notable amount of successful financial investments. Experience talks!

Besides being excited by the business and investment opportunities he sees within Warrior Film Promotions, there is always the thrill of being involved in the glamorous Film Industry. You’ve got to enjoy what you do after all.

Matthew Roazen is our Film Investment Advisor (US). Although he was born, raised, and educated as a lawyer in the US, Matt lived for two decades in Moscow and London where as part of his practice he represented Hollywood celebrities and investors around the world. After he returned a few years ago to the US to enjoy the warm weather and Gulf Coast sunsets while papering private equity investment transactions in English and Russian, he started overseeing film investments in both the US and UK and quickly found that film is an attractive and easily explained asset class, especially to FSU investors. Matt is excited to be working alongside the Warrior team on film projects that cross the pond in both directions, especially when they have a bit of Russian in them. When he isn't up to his elbows in scripts or having a great time with his family, Matt is staying up way too late, or getting up way too early, to try to catch the perfect picture of Jupiter's Great Red Spot on one of his second-hand telescopes.

Creative Instigator,Producer, Director, Writer and former Actor who has worked within the Creative Arts Industry for three decades.
Developing Intellectual property into Digital reality. My strengths as creative are engaging and forging relationships with commissioning editors, broadcasters, new talent and delivering innovative engaging content.

Corry Raymond is a Director celebrated in the industry for his exceptional craftmanship, conscientious and detailed approach. Never afraid to challenge audiences he is keen to develop ideas discussing the implications of the digital evolution and the personas we develop online.

His talent has been recognised by the BFI, BAFTA, and a Rockie Award nomination at BANFF World Media Festival for his original Channel 4 short-form series URBAN EXPLORERS.

Corry’s unique visceral style displays a strong and practical understanding of the essence of production; At the tender age of 14, he distinguished himself earning the tag: the youngest ever (in the world) Apple Accredited Editor in Final Cut Pro.

Laura is PA to the Directors at Warrior Film Promotions/ Warrior Global Media. Laura has many years of administrative experience with a passion for organising all and everyone. After living and working in London for 20 years she decided to leave the big smoke and move to sunny Spain for a better quality of life. After a chance meeting with mutual friends Laura met Jeff Clarke, and soon found herself working with Jeff and team Warrior.
In amongst Laura’s many interests is her love of film. If Laura were to pick her top 5 films they would include, The Hunger, The Fall, Rear Window, Eternal Sunshine of a Spotless Mind and Somersault. The sort of films that are original, quirky and leave an impression on you for days.

In the year 2000, Antony stumbled across a book called ‘Death Will Have Your Eyes’. He was so inspired by the story and how well it was written that he thought it would make an incredible film. Although, he never made it, this book was what sparked his initial passion for film-making.
Recently, Antony has also been involved with big budget films, contributing his art of cinematography. These include Age of Kill (starring Martin Kemp and Dani Dyer), Two Hours and 13 Graves (starring Kevin Leslie and Morgan James) and Antony’s latest project and one of his most exciting in his career is his work as Director on our TV series about the restoration of a Battle of Britain Hurricane. Throughout his journey in the film-making industry, Antony constantly finds time to work in various roles (as Producer, Director, DoP and camera op) for short films, documentaries, music videos and concerts.