Warrior Film Promotions delivers exceptionally viable film investments to an eclectic range of clients all over the world. The opportunity to become involved in some of the best Independent British Films is usually reserved for the very well connected within the film industry, Warrior Film Promotions are your segway into this elusive market. We work with highly experienced Directors and Producers with stunning track records in creating movies that boast both critical and commercial success.

We Never Handle Funds

All funds are sent directly to the studio or the S.P.V. attached to the film. All contractual obligations are between the studio and the investor. Warrior Film Promotions never handle funds and are employed in the capacity to market and assist in raising the budget of the film. You can feel safe in the knowledge that your investment sits with an established team of film makers, and that your exit strategy and well being are at the forefront of all involved.

We only represent film studios that can at least tick the following 3 boxes:

  • The studio must be well attached within the film industry and display a wealth of experience
  • All lead actors must have at least LOI’s (Letters of Intent) in place or at best be CONFIRMED
  • There must be a sales agent signed to the film. This is imperative in order to give investors the security to exit the investment. (No Sales equals no profit).


Jeff K Clarke

Managing Director

Claire Lee

Film Investment Advisor – Europe

Natalie van den Berg

Marketing & Admin

Steve Wallace

Corporate Investment Consultant

Ever met the most passionate, yet down-to-earth kind of guy? Someone who will literally jump for joy in excitement at a new project, yet only concern himself with others’ wellbeing at the same time? Well, that’s Jeff.

We aren’t allowed to call him the boss, as he insists on us working as a tight team. Our success rate is thanks to Jeff´s work ethic and experience. Always striving to achieve and improve, he is the perfect leader, sharing his wide experience and knowledge gained from his long career in investment property and finance. A few years ago he found his niche in film investment, being able to combine his life passions – film and work.

Now working on their ninth film, Jeff is exceedingly proud of what the team has achieved in such a short time, and is immensely excited to bring many more quality British films to the big screen.

Jeff lives by his mottos of “Take the risk or lose the chance” and “Go big or go home”. While not in the office he spends his time with his ‘Girls’ (partner and dogs) and his kids.

Claire is our Film Investment Advisor – Europe and is now based in our office in the province of Malaga, Spain: perfectly central for European Film Festivals, our ever-growing base of European clients and the lovely sunshine!

She has a 13-year-old daughter, Daisy, and for them a 'girlie night in' involves watching a rom-com, with caramel-covered popcorn and joined by Daisy’s pooch Alfie on the bed!

Claire worked in the insurance industry for almost 10 years but through her love of film she met Jeff .... and the rest, as they say, is history!

For Claire, being able to combine one’s passion with one’s job makes the ‘work’ part a doddle!

General ‘doer-everythinger’, (ie ProJuggler) from the office admin and all-important investment contracts to web-marketing, and everything else in-between. Nat thrives on being busy and productive and that’s why Jeff felt her invaluable when setting up Warrior Film Promotions.

Besides keeping the team in check, Nat continues to juggle her work and family life, raising her two young daughters and cat, and maintaining her appreciation of South African and Spanish red wine.

Steve joined Warrior Film Promotions as a Consultant to take us up a level. He aims to assist potential investors by sharing his knowledge and experience gained from a business career that spans over forty years.

And the proof really is in the pudding…. His business history includes the formation and management of a successful house building company in the UK, the formation and management of Franchise companies in the UK and Spain, and a notable amount of successful financial investments. Experience talks!

Besides being excited by the business and investment opportunities he sees within Warrior Film Promotions, there is always the thrill of being involved in the glamorous Film Industry. You’ve got to enjoy what you do after all.