Warrior Film Promotions delivers exceptionally viable film investments to an eclectic range of clients all over the world. The opportunity to become involved in some of the best Independent British Films is usually reserved for the very well connected within the film industry, Warrior Film Promotions are your segway into this elusive market. We work with highly experienced Directors and Producers with stunning track records in creating movies that boast both critical and commercial success.

We Never Handle Funds

All funds are sent directly to the studio or the S.P.V. attached to the film. All contractual obligations are between the studio and the investor. Warrior Film Promotions never handle funds and are employed in the capacity to market and assist in raising the budget of the film. You can feel safe in the knowledge that your investment sits with an established team of film makers, and that your exit strategy and well being are at the forefront of all involved.

We only represent film studios that can at least tick the following 3 boxes:

  • The studio must be well attached within the film industry and display a wealth of experience
  • All lead actors must have at least LOI’s (Letters of Intent) in place or at best be CONFIRMED
  • There must be a sales agent signed to the film. This is imperative in order to give investors the security to exit the investment. (No Sales equals no profit).