American star Nicholas Brendon has just been announced to join the cast of Milk & Honey. We’re welcoming this news with excitement, and it isn’t hard to understand why. Milk & Honey has always been produced with the possibility of success in the American market in mind, and as a familiar face to audiences Stateside, he will boost the visibility and the appeal of the film considerably.

Brendon is best-known for having played the character of Xander on all seven seasons of the wildly popular show Buffy the Vampire Slayer, but has also been seen in other high-profile series, including a recurring role in the hit crime series Criminal Minds, and a string of appearances on the Grey’s Anatomy spinoff Private Practice. Brendon also co-starred with Oscar-nominated superstar Bradley Cooper on the short-lived Kitchen Confidential. However, Brendon is still most recognisable as Xander, and has taken part in other Buffy-related projects, including video games and comic books. Because of this, he has a cult following among fans of the show, so it is really fantastic news to have him aboard for Milk & Honey.

We are confident of the ability to sell Milk & Honey domestically, because its main cast includes recognisable faces from British television: Mark Wingett, a regular on The Bill, and soap star Claire King (EmmerdaleBad GirlsCoronation Street). With the addition of Nicholas Brendon, the picture can now boast of strong audience appeal in both the UK and the USA. These are two of the biggest global film markets, and without the asset of a strong American star, it can be difficult for smaller British productions to gain an audience in the States. Research has shown that the primary consideration for many film viewers, when deciding whether or not to watch a particular film, is the actors and actresses it stars. Because of this, adding recognisable faces to a film is one of the best ways to get it noticed in a particular market. Because of its smaller budget of just £355k, Milk & Honeywas not produced with the assumption of American star involvement. With that, it now looks like not just a safe investment, but one that is likely to bring in returns that are considerably higher than its small budget.