The investors’ screening of The Bromley Boys arranged by Warrior Film Promotions on the nights of Wednesday the 10th and 17th were held at the glamorous Hospital Club in Covent Garden, Central London. It was a pleasure to be there for the evening along with such exciting guests as Bromley Boys’ director Steve Kelly (City Rats, The Shouting Men), producer TJ Herbert (e-luv, The Cutting Room), and actress Anna Danshina, who plays Anoushka in the film and whose other credits include the upcoming comedy You, Me & Him as well as several prominent stage rôles. Beginning the evening in the Hospital Club’s Bellini Bar, drinks were served to all, including beer, white wine, red wine, and soft drinks. After the guests had all been introduced to one another, it was time to move through to the club’s private cinema for the screening to get underway.

But first, producer TJ gave a brief introduction, explaining to all in attendance that what we were about to see wasn’t quite the finished version – “It’s about 85% complete,” in his words, “so by my mathematics that means the finished version should be about 15% better”. That bodes well, because what we were shown was pretty damned good, as it is. The picture, from Dave Roberts’ novel of the same name, claims to be “Based on true events…and some rumours”. It opens in the late 1960s, introducing us to Dave, capably played by young star Brenock O’Connor (Game of Thrones, Dickensian). Banned from supporting football by his perpetually disgruntled father (Alan Davies), his rather warmer mother (Martine McCutcheon) helps him to begin a life-long obsession with Bromley F.C., “The worst football team in Britain”. Along the way, he makes some friends for life, falls in love, and fibs his way into, and out of, a lot of trouble. Hilarious, surprisingly affecting, and boasting a cracking 60s-70s soundtrack, The Bromley Boys is sure to be a hit with anyone who’s ever been hopelessly in love, with football or with anything else.

After the screening was finished, and a few further brief words said by TJ, further refreshments were served back in the Bellini Bar, where the food coming round on trays included chili and garlic prawns and cleverly miniaturised versions of such classic dishes as fish and chips, Welsh rabbit, and burgers. There was a round of congratulations, questions, and general discussion, and some photos were taken to commemorate this memorable and highly successful night.