We attended the world famous Crucible on Monday 7th May, World Final day along with the cast and crew for the upcoming film BREAK. This would be the first day of shooting and Matchroom Sports were kind enough to let us use this historic, beautiful venue on this iconic special day.

Michael Elkin, Terri Dwyer, Dean Fisher, Sam Gittens, Ken Doherty and all of the 15 plus crew were on hand to make sure we took full advantage of this amazing venue.

It was an early morning start with a first call around 7.30am, and all involved worked hard and straight through till around 5pm. Some of the scenes shot were priceless and Ken Doherty was a true gentleman and kept all involved in laughter with stories of what goes on behind the walls of The Crucible. We even had a surprise visit from the legendary Dennis Taylor, who took time out to sign BREAK posters for the Warrior team.

Watch this space people, this is about to BREAK free!.